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Can You Ride Fast With Hybrid Bikes?

Today, I’ll tune up the Trek 720 and go for a run.

How fast can I ride with the Trek 720 Multitrack? The bike is 27 lbs and it’s equipped with 700CX35c Michelin World Tour tires.

Strava Segment: Lapinière à Grande Allée

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31 thoughts on “Can You Ride Fast With Hybrid Bikes?

  1. Is it worth getting a hybrid if you own a mountain bike?
    I want one for commuting but in terms of speed I feel mtb hit the speeds hybrids do as well. On my trek x-cal 7 I maxed out 26mph on straight.
    Would a hybrid with slicks / semi slicks ride much faster than a hardtail like the x-cal?

  2. You can ride fast on any bike, it just takes the determination.
    Ive averaged 15mph on my 1965 Schwinn Breeze 2 Speed, and ive maxed my 2001 Trek 820 out at 42mph. Neither bike is built for speed.

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  4. Some great choices out there now in the Fitness Bike category, but very expensive at the upper end. Nothing wrong with 3×8 etc, but I would like to move to 2×9 or x10 or x11. Even 1x drive-trains are coming to this category. I need a bike that is fast, comfortable, and good for climbing. Lots of hills around my area. Not sure if the Trek FX Sport 3 would be good enough for the hills. It probably would be, but it's a big step up in price from the FX 2. Anybody got a better solution, price-wise.

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