Naprawa Rowerów Hybrydowych i Elektrycznych

Rowery elektryczne i Hybrydowe wymagają rutynowej konserwacji, więc zapoznaj się z dostępnymi opcjami serwisowymi i ciesz się jazdą niezawodnym jednośladem.

Gravel Bike vs Hybrid Bike: Which one Should You Buy

IN this video Taren discusses the differences between a gravel bike vs hybrid bike and which bike is best. The Canyon Grail gravel bike and the Canyon Hybrid bikes are both great bikes, but which one is best for you to buy depends on a lot of the key differences between the bikes and what you’re looking for.

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18 thoughts on “Gravel Bike vs Hybrid Bike: Which one Should You Buy

  1. damn I really wish I saw this video before buying my hybrid bike, btw I pushed that thing Past its limits, damn near need to repair everything on it, I bike 11 miles to work 5 days a week. well I'm thinking I'm just going to build a gravel bike keep the frame from the hybrid and just upgrade every single part on it.

  2. Not sure this comparison is 100% spot on as many hybrid bikes have large gear ranges and 'gravel' tires … for instance, the Specialized Sirrus X bikes …I have a 3.0 and it came w/ 700×42 gravel type tires, and an 11×42 cog … gravel tires, big range, oh, and disc brakes. And, there are similar bikes with the other manufacturers (Trek FX, and the Giant Escape Disc, etc).

  3. I’ve got a hybrid bike (trek fx) since 2019, and it’s more than capable of doing gravel/dirt/light trails with some roots and rocks. If you have the money for a “gravel bike”, I’d say go for it, it’s your call, but if you can only affords a hybrid, they’re amazing too

  4. I purchased the latest version of the Boardman mtx 8.6 hybrid a few months ago, just to get me back into cycling after 20 years without being on a bike. I have no complaints. I manage a 15 mile cycle, to and from work comfortably mostly on cycle paths, I also do an extra 20 miles after work around 3 times a week.
    Now I'm comfortable with cycling reasonable distances and increasing my mileage regularly, I'm considering purchasing either a road or gravel bike but I'm unsure which to purchase.
    I live on a Welsh coastline, the main roads are good, there are some cycle paths, but I also tend to cycle on some country lanes which are rather potholed and rough at times.
    I'm wondering whether a road bike would be suitable, or should I look into a gravel bike for the not so comfortable country lanes / elevations?
    I do track times, mileage etc on Strava but I'm not a stickler for personal bests etc.
    I'm tempted by something along the lines of a Cannondale topstone.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. I find a CX bike offers the most versatility. I have a Trek Boone and it works well on pavement and dirt. Gravel bikes tend to be heavier and all sorts of frame attachment points I would never use. FWIW I have no trouble running 40mm tubeless gravel tires on the Trek Boone.

  6. You videos and podcasts have been a great source of information and inspiration. Doing a sprint triathlon tomorrow and doing my very first 70.3 in September! Being 41 feels better and better!!

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