Naprawa Rowerów Hybrydowych i Elektrycznych

Rowery elektryczne i Hybrydowe wymagają rutynowej konserwacji, więc zapoznaj się z dostępnymi opcjami serwisowymi i ciesz się jazdą niezawodnym jednośladem.

The Electric Bike Boom: Are eBikes Really “Cheating”?

In this video we try out eBikes for the very first time and consider some criticisms of them.

Electric BIXI stats: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/bixi-montreal-achieves-a-balanced-budget-in-2020-899908500.html
eBike Rebates in British Columbia: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/transportation-environment/active-transportation/funding/individuals-business
DeVinci E-Griffin E6100 (battery comparison bike): https://www.devinci.com/en/bikes/electric/e-griffin-e6100-9s-goldland/

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27 thoughts on “The Electric Bike Boom: Are eBikes Really “Cheating”?

  1. I’ve been a commuter cyclist my entire life. I was recently priced out of my current apartment which was less then two miles from my job that I biked to every day in all weathers because I hate spending money on gas. I am now moving 22 miles away and three towns over from my job which when traffic is good takes 40 minutes to drive.

    I didn’t want to give up on being a commuter cyclist because of the move and there is no good public transportation options from what is a small (for now) farming town to the large city where everyone works. So I bought an ebike so I can still commute to work without paying for gas. While it will take me probably 1hr15min to travel that is worth it to me. It still gives me exercise and time to decompress before and after work. I’m still figuring out the safety route but I’m determined to make it happen. While this is the farthest I’ll have ever commuted for work by bike it’s not the farthest I’ve traveled by bike. I’m able to travel twice as fast as I use to on a conventional bike which is great because otherwise it would take me 2hr+ one way and that’s just not sustainable for a long term commuting options. Because of the distance and iffy bicycle infrastructure I’ll have to start driving when it’s wet out but if it’s just cold that’s no reason to not ride my new ebike. Most of the year it’s bone dry so this won’t be a problem.

    Oh and I love how pretty my new bike is too😁

  2. The comments about ebikes being the choice of the lazy cyclist are coming from a place of ignorance. I ride a Yuba cargo bike with the Bosch electric assist system that is seen on many new ebikes. The computer gives lots of excellent data on your ride such as distance, average speed, cadence, etc. but the most interesting stat for me is the average power output of the rider. The motor can sense the wattage you're putting into the system so that it can modulate the output of the motor. In the city, even with the electric assist, I'm averaging 240-280w of output.

    A friend of mine said "light bikes don't make riding easier, they just make you faster", and the same can be said of ebikes. They don't necessarily make riding easier, but they do make you more capable.

  3. My gf got an ebike and started commuting to work. I rode hers and it was so fun I got one just to have fun. Liked it so much I started commuting to work without getting all gross and sweaty. Pretty much looked for any excuse to ride that I started doing Uber Eats. I made enough to buy my second ebike from a different company. Gf liked my second one so much she got her second one from them too. Our bikes are Class 3 and it's good to have the extra speed if you need it and just just not use it if you don't. It's not "cheating" outside of actual sports.

  4. I love my E bike, Let's me to get to work in almost the same time as drive and walk. White line infrastructure also way less intimidating when cars are not passing you at 3 times Your speed, now at only twice

  5. My ebike has replaced my car for around town trips. I can weigh it down and don't give myself a heart attack going up hills. Now we just need bike lanes to capture more riders.

  6. I find the distinction between pedal assist and throttle in this video kind of silly. The majority of ebikes have both throttle and pedal assist.

    After making a point about how bikes with throttles are not bikes, they then show clips of radpowerbikes as ebike examples… which have throttles

    In US, class 2 ebikes (which have throttle) and class 1 (no throttle) both go at the same speed: 20mph. Speed and weight should be the real cut offs that determine what goes in a bike lane and what is a motorbike, not throttle the ability

  7. I have been riding electric bikes since 2005 and have commuted over 100,000 km on them since then. 2 nights ago I passed another cyclist on a cold and dark day in Surrey, BC where myself and the other person on a bike was out. He called me a cheater and I replied: You bet! E bike commuting has been great for me. I have ridden the 19km each way trip to work with an ebike but it is a pretty tiring ride and it was hard to do it 5 days per week but with the ebike no problem. I don't have pedal assist and only have a throttle but I pretty much am always pedalling unless it is downhill and my speed is too fast to comfortably pedal on my 20" wheel bike.

  8. I live in a very hilly town in western Norway. We got a cheap (non-assisted) bike-share scheme, costing around USD 40 a year. Free use all year and plenty of bikes available. But this in the central areas, typically used for 1-4 km rides. I live downtown and often use these bikes. But a LOT of people living a bit further away use e-bikes for commuting instead of cars or public transport. A private car is very expensive to use because of toll roads, congestion charges and no free parking downtown. And public transport is often very cramped and slow during the rush hours. The e-bike has been a game changer for many people. The many hills are not a problem anymore. BTW: Canadian winters are harsh, but over here studded tires will handle the few days or weeks with snow and ice. Such tires are fitted to the shared bikes from november to march. Also, many commuters use studded tires during winter.

  9. Luckily most angry internet people never leave their house so the problems are mostly localized to twitter.
    Some people call it the toilet of the internet. But I have to disagree. toilets don't sprinkle your excrement everywhere. At least the ones I know don't do that.

  10. I get way more exercise on my ebike than I would have done if I bought a regular bike. The reason is that I use only pedal assist and if I had a regular bike I know I wouldn't use it much as it's too boring compared to an ebike.

  11. The largest percentage of people who told me my E-bike was cheating are those who never even ride bikes at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCDb4Tph3_U In California where I live any battery powered vehicle is considered a "threat" to pickups and race cars people have. E-bikes cause more people to ride bikes in my area, which is looked at as "bad" for motor vehicle only people as they are "dangerous" since drivers could potentially kill a cyclist while reading a text on their phone. Which would have bad repercussions for all motor vehicle owners and more restrictions on their "freedom".

  12. 1:55 "More hills than you feel like climbing.." In what God forsaken reality did you come from where you felt like climbing a hill, even on a bike was something you wanted to do? This is my BIGGEST annoyance with E-bike legislation, the power limitation on E-Bikes. They don't have enough if you have a fully loaded cargo bike with trailer and kids dealing with hills and mountains. E-bikes already have a speed limiter, why did they need to add a power limiter? Cars have over 800hp now, but bikes get 1hp? ARRHGHGHGH Stupid politicians who don't ride bikes get to make laws about them. ARRGHHGHGHG!

  13. Ok I love y’all and all of y’all’s content but who are these male and female disembodied voices? Can y’all share about yourselves, and your academic, or work backgrounds? Or like the places y’all grew up in.

  14. I'm worried about people on "electric mopeds" ruining it for someone who wants a regular ebike with a top speed of 20 mph. Something is going to have to happen. I hope it's not overregulation for everybody!

  15. E-Bikes are rad. They just aren't practical yet without the parking infrastructure. You can't commute with an untraceable bicycle that is worth more in parts than put together and expect it to not get stolen.

    Battery powered grinders are too good, and locks have not kept pace. Also, bicycles receive no priority from the Police.

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