Naprawa Rowerów Hybrydowych i Elektrycznych

Rowery elektryczne i Hybrydowe wymagają rutynowej konserwacji, więc zapoznaj się z dostępnymi opcjami serwisowymi i ciesz się jazdą niezawodnym jednośladem.

The Slingshot is a weird 90's MTB #shorts

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33 thoughts on “The Slingshot is a weird 90's MTB #shorts

  1. That looks like a super top end bike for the time. I'm riding a 90's Trek mtn bike similar components but one step down, 3×8. I'm still riding it, on rail trails only.

  2. I had a Slingshot Boomtube iI raced XC and Hillclimbs on in '91-'92. I recently acquired a ERB N.O.S. 27.5 frame. Successor to the Slingshot by same designer it has a similar flexjoint in a different location and has a 1/4" SS rod in place of the cable.

  3. I remember riding with my dad and his buddy who had a slingshot, it was a weird bike for an equally weird dude. Talk about wild ideas, I still have my mom's old Answer Manitou full suspension bike where they swapped out the seat stays with essentially a front shock. The elastomers have all turned to goop but it's still a fun time capsule to check out

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